Last week at the ATD conference we enjoyed meeting with many HR and functional leaders. At the event, we discussed many different topics from your familiarity with strengths-based training and the need for management development to team building workshops and different cornhole tactics!

Through our conversations it was apparent there were three top challenges or trends that many organizations are facing today.

1. There is a real need for learning retention or “sticky” training.

We heard this challenge often. Have you ever attended an amazing training or a motivational conference and can’t wait to put everything you learned into practice? You have taken copious notes and are ready to conquer the world? But then within 2 days, chances are you’re pulled into 10 different directions, back into old habits, and your enthusiasm is drained! Making training “sticky” is critical to keep the enthusiasm and learning going once employees are back at work.

2. Our managers are overwhelmed, and there is a need for leadership and management development.

Management development is important to businesses who want to take a proactive approach to growth and engagement. Training opportunities increase employee retention and motivate employees, resulting in a knowledgeable and driven workforce. Gallup research shows that employee engagement can double when leaders leverage the strengths of their people. If your business is to grow in revenue and productivity, you need to invest in your most valuable asset, your employees.

3. We need to work differently and in a more innovative way to keep our competitive advantage, to stay on top.

Did you know that focusing on strengths-based training can boost profits by as much as 30 percent? A recent study by Gallup found that businesses saw a 15% to 30% increase in profits when they focused on strengths-based development. In addition, turnover rates decreased, while employee and customer engagement increased.

What are your thoughts on these challenge statements? Are you finding the same in your organization?

At Strengths Now, we partner with HR teams and functional leaders to maximize employees’ natural talent and drive new levels of collaboration, innovation, and performance. Gallup research shows that employee engagement can double when leaders leverage the strengths of their people. Our program will equip your leaders and teams with the knowledge and materials to maximize human performance and create world-class organizations.

We begin with a pre-meeting to discuss your specific objectives. The program is tailored to meet your schedule and the goals for your leaders.

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* We are also offering an 8-week leadership development series for managers who are looking to strengthen leadership skills and accelerate team effectiveness.

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About Strengths Now

At Strengths Now, we partner with leaders in organizations and use results from the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment to empower individuals and teams through coaching and training to use these strengths to maximize natural talent and improve employee engagement.

Our Services Include:
According to Gallup research, people who use their strengths are:
  • 8% more productive
  • 6 times more likely to be engaged in their jobs
  • 3 times more likely to report having an excellent quality of life