Customized Packages

What does a strengths-based organization look like? How can you make StrengthsFinder stick and become embedded in the DNA of your culture? Strengths Now, Inc. is committed to helping you create a strategy to infuse the strengths model throughout your organization. Our goal is to partner with you to create a sustainable strengths-based culture far beyond handing out codes or a book. Here’s how.

A comprehensive initiative begins by designing the right strategy to build awareness, buy-in and enthusiasm about strengths. We offer a mix of trainings, workshops and on-site resources to get things started. To build internal capacity, a train-the-trainer module is added for selected “strengths ambassadors” who become drivers of the strengths movement for years to come. Strengths Now, Inc. also has capability and experience administering Gallup’s Q12 Employee Engagement Survey which can be included to pinpoint key areas for change and to measure the impact over time.

photo of four employees collaborating around a table

Who is bringing StrengthsFinder to their organizations?

  • Colleges and Universities who are committed to building a strengths-based campus where students gain awareness and feedback on their strengths through curricular, career-planning, leadership and internship touch points on campus.
  • Corporations who want to realize a bump in productivity, profitability, customer engagement and employee well-being.
  • Non-Profits Organizations who need to harness the best of what every person has to offer in an environment where staff is stretched and volunteers need to stay engaged.
  • Human Resources Teams who want to build a strengths approach to performance reviews, on-boarding, talent management and leadership development processes at their companies.
  • High Schools who want to embed a powerful common language across administrative teams, faculty and students that drives effort, academic achievement and retention.


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