Imagine your group energized with each member bringing their full commitment and talent to the table. What if your group could have an honest conversation about what you need from one another to do your best work? Or, what if your team could push the re-set button and break through the same old team dynamics?

With is roots in positive psychology, StrengthsFinder helps foster genuine trust and respect, the foundation for success for any group. A one-day or two-day retreat can spark true understanding and appreciation for one another and generate new ideas and methods to capitalize on the group’s inherent talent.

We love collaborating with retreat organizers to be sure we set the right tone for your specific culture. Whether your group is small or large, Strengths Now, Inc. will structure your retreat so that every voice is heard. We will help your group have the conversations that matter the most for lasting impact.

overhead view of a shared workspace with four computers

We facilitate customized retreats for:

  • Corporations – Leadership Teams, Annual Departmental Retreats
  • Non-Profits – Board of Directors or Staff Retreats
  • Community Coalitions – Kick-Offs, Annual Retreats
  • Women’s Groups – Empowerment Retreats i.e. Using Strengths To Find Your Voice, Power and Edge
  • Faith Based Groups – Church Vestries or Religious Governing Boards
  • Youth Leaders – Teen and Collegiate Leadership Conferences

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