A Strengths-Based Approach

About Strengths Now, Inc.

At Strengths Now® we coach individuals, managers and teams through workshops and leadership development using a tool called CliftonStrengths. This assessment reveals your unique rank order of the 34 Clifton Strengths Themes, which represent the way you most naturally think, feel, and behave.

Our strengths-based approach is a catalyst to build trust, reach performance goals, engage in healthy conflict and maximize the inherent talent on the team.

We have introduced thousands of people to their strengths, including CEOs from the Fortune 500, teams in biotech, finance and technology, as well as the most well known universities and thriving nonprofits. Find out how we can help YOU!

Mosaic of faces and strengths.
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A Leader’s Perspective: The Value of Learning Your Team’s Strengths

This two minute video is a great explanation from a leader who shares with his team the value of knowing your strengths!

Listen to Strengths Now client, Mark Aitkenhead, former Senior Director at Thermo Fischer Scientific kick off a strengths workshop with his team.

What We Are All About

Our firm was built on a passion for the true appreciation of differences in the workplace and breaking down barriers that cause friction and disengagement. Let’s face it - the world needs more people who are hopeful, inspired, engaged and contributing their greatest talents to our greatest challenges. CliftonStrengths accelerates the journey by focusing on your employees’ natural talents and potential.

We love what we do and are ready to help your team and managers do their best work!

9 out of 10 recommend us.

Our Work

Who We Serve

  • Teams
  • Individual Contributors
  • Managers and Leaders
  • Organizations
  • DEI Efforts to Support Women in the Workplace

How We Help

  • Team Building Workshops and Retreats
  • Leadership Development
  • Executive Coaching
  • Organizational Transformations
  • Professional Development for Women in the Workplace
  • Critical Partners Coaching

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