"My experience in working with Sara at Strengths Now has been exceptional compared to every other consultant I’ve worked with during my twenty-year tenure at Johnson & Johnson."

Jill Fox, Sr. Manager, L&D for the Americas, J&J

What Clients Are Saying About Our...

Team Workshops

“We recently hired Strengths Now to provide a half-day workshop for our executive team. Sara is an outstanding presenter and her style was a perfect match for our group of 40 leaders. The workshop exceeded our expectations and many leaders are requesting workshops for their own areas. I highly recommend the Strengths Now team if you are looking to increase collaboration across your organization, break down silos, or build a stronger leadership team.”

Sandra Hughes, AVP Global Talent Management, Nasdaq

Executive Coaching

“Sara was my executive coach at a time when there was a lot of tension and ambiguity within my organization. I really valued the opportunity to talk with someone outside the system so that I could gain perspective, find my “true north” again, and determine how to best navigate the rough waters. Sara’s listening ear, thought-provoking questions, and supportive guidance helped me tremendously. I highly recommend Sara as an executive coach!”

COO, Global Non-Profit

DEI Workshops

“The Embrace What's Next - cohort could not have come at a better time for me. During the Covid 19 pandemic lockdown, I was in a job that was not the perfect fit, balancing the demands of working at home, remote learning with my children, and trying to balance it all. The cohort gave me the tools to focus on my strengths, an action plan that made sense, and the opportunity to connect with remarkable women on similar paths. I've now landed my perfect position. I have immense gratitude for the Strengths Now team!"

Program Participant

Leadership Series

“Exploring strengths in the context of working together and managing teams was very, very helpful. It has given me a more personalized approach to motivate/manage different members of the team. I'm grateful for the opportunity to think about how to use my strengths when managing others. Alternately, it makes me more aware of the qualities that I don't naturally have, therefore, I need to lean on those that do to help me take full advantage of the "team approach." Talking with other leaders about their challenges and approaches was really valuable.

Director, Healthcare

360 Degree Reviews

“I have so valued my coaching and the contributions to [our organization] have been invaluable. Personally, receiving 360 feedback has been a very good learning experience. It certainly has not been easy or always comfortable, but it has been very important and insightful on my own leadership journey in figuring out how to use my time and voice in highest service of the organization and our broader cause. The strengths mapping is one of the most useful tools I have ever used as a leader.”

CEO, Global Non-Profit, A Fortune’s Top 50 World’s Greatest Leaders

Critical Partners Coaching

“As the CEO of a new start up, I have just hired my first employee. With one person on my team, it is all hands on deck. I wanted to be sure we were making the best use of our time and talents. Seeing our strengths side-by-side was really revealing! Usually, we learn about colleagues through trial and error over time. This process helped us avoid all that so we could just get right to work. We both learned about each other and have immediate ideas about how to leverage our different strengths."

CEO, Biotech Start Up

Ready for a Culture Change?

Planning organizational transformation.

Organizational Transformation

"I hired the Strengths Now team to launch a StrengthsFinder initiative for our campus. This was a large-scale project that spanned students, staff and faculty. Not only does Strengths Now have an expert understanding of the model, they consistently delivered trainings that got our community engaged and created buy-in. They were true partners who quickly ascertained our culture, our needs and what success looked like. Because of Strengths Now, we now have a sustainable strengths movement on our campus.”

Dr. Andrew Shepardson, Vice President of Student Affairs, Bentley University