Strengths-Based Leadership Training

Develop managers and leaders so they can engage, motivate and retain top talent.

Phase 3: Develop Managers and Leaders

What do the BEST LEADERS do differently?

We ensure that managers can sustain the strengths momentum and use this model in their management practices. This cohort series teaches the principles of strengths-based management and incorporates reflection and practice along the way.

Strengths-Based Leadership Training:

Develop Managers and Leaders

This Workshop is for Managers Who Want to:

  • Fast-track their own development and effectiveness
  • Find easier ways to give feedback
  • Develop greater executive presence
  • Manage rapid change more effectively
  • Retain key talent
  • Immediately boost employee engagement
  • Ensure the team meets critical performance outcomes

Workshop Overview

A staggering 70% of employee engagement links back to the manager! And we know that strengths take root based on the manager’s capacity to sustain the momentum following the workshops. Once teams are introduced to strengths, managers are equipped to incorporate this model into their management practices. Our four session, cohort-based series is a rich learning opportunity that incorporates reflection, feedback and skill building and is grounded in key principles from Gallup’s High-Performance Leaders Institute.


This cohort series is offered virtually in four, 90 minute sessions.

Can be designed for a group of managers who work together on the same team, or different managers from across the organization.

Cohorts of 6 to 12 participants are ideal. Typically includes three individual coaching sessions per participant.

70% of Employee Engagement Links Back to the Manager

Included in the Program

Strengths-Based Leadership Training

How do you lead others with diverse strengths? Phase Three ensures your managers are equipped to use the strengths model to bring out the best in their employees. At Strengths Now, we help develop leaders based on years of Gallup research about what the world’s greatest leaders do differently. Following the program, every manager will be able to:

  • Identify their authentic leadership style
  • Conduct strength-based performance conversations with their direct reports
  • Manage the diversity of work styles on the team
  • Set clear expectations and goals for performance
  • Use the strengths model to give performance feedback
  • Identify personal blind spots that hinder effectiveness as a manager
  • Activate a plan to improve employee engagement

Only 21% of employees strongly agree that their performance is managed in a way that motivates them to do outstanding work.

What Participants Are Saying

“Strengths NOW has had a transformational impact on our department, the way we view ourselves and each other, and the way we work together to reach our goals. Through both group retreats and leadership workshops, Strengths Now helped us see how our varied themes play out in real life. This model is one I know I will continue to rely on, and revisit, for the rest of my career. I’ve even passed along insights to friends and family members facing workplace challenges.”
— Marketing Manager, Health Care

Working with Strengths Now has been an incredibly enlightening experience, both personally and professionally. I feel that my awareness to others’ strengths and communication styles, as well as my own, has increased exponentially. Sara is a warm and engaging facilitator, and with her help we were able to fit our puzzle pieces together in an effective and efficient way.”
— Team Leader

"It's great to see how your strengths relate to others you manage, and how you might change your approach once you understand the areas that others are strong in."
— People Manager

“We hired Strengths Now to spend a day with our team to help us learn how to work together. We weren’t exactly sure what to expect or what the outcome will be. Some team members thought it was going to be “gimmicky” and weren’t really sure of the value. Well - we could not be more pleased. A month later, we are STILL referencing what we learned. We understand each other and support each other by referencing our strengths. Our team continues to say that our day with Amy was the best spent time we’ve ever had in a training session. We cannot recommend Strengths Now strongly enough!”
— Director, Nonprofit

“Today was great! The exercises allowed us to reflect on our strengths and adjust our weaknesses so that we can keep them in mind and apply the strengths in our daily lives.”
— Finance Department

“Gaining awareness of my top 5 strengths and how I can make the most of them in my life and work. It can help to improve my basement; I loved this workshop!”
— Orchard Therapeutics

Women's Business Enterprise Certified.