StrengthsFinder Workshop

Explore your individual strengths for greater impact at work.

Phase 1: An Introduction to Strengths

Who are YOU at your best?

This affirming and interactive workshop is a perfect introduction to strengths! Participants learn to recognize their unique contribution and personal brand and practice applying the model to workplace challenges.

StrengthsFinder Workshop:

Explore Your Strengths

We can help you…

  • build a culture of trust, inclusion and collaboration
  • combat burnout and stress on the team
  • provide a rich professional development boost
  • engage your remote staff
  • get people laughing again!

Workshop Overview

What’s your superpower? Developing strengths leads to consistent, near perfect performance. Our affirming and interactive workshop is a perfect introduction to strengths and gives participants the tools they need to better understand their natural talents. Prior to the workshop, participants receive an access code to take the Clifton Strength assessment, a best in class analysis of our unique pattern of thought, feeling and behavior. We monitor completion (so you don’t have to) and generate custom reports for your event. We promise there will be laughter, genuine conversation and learning!


This workshop is generally 3 hours and can be offered virtually in two parts, or as a half day, in person workshop.

Designed for people from across an organization who don’t work together regularly, but can also be for intact teams.

Can be combined with our Effective Teams & Partners Workshop for a full day retreat!

Group size from 6 to 50 people. Contact us for larger teams!

Give Your Employees the Gift of Confidence!

Included in the Program

Explore Your Strengths Workshop

Who are YOU at your best? This Phase One Workshop helps each person on the team to recognize their unique value. Following the workshop participants will:

  • Learn (and love!) their Top 5 strengths to tap into their natural areas of talent
  • Identify their unique contribution and personal brand
  • Practice applying strengths to their own to-do list and deliverables
  • Gain insight on the shadow side of strengths, or blindspots
  • Be prepared to discuss their strengths with manager and teammates
  • Leave with concrete ideas to apply their Top 5 talent themes in real life situations

What if we focused on what’s right with people, instead of fixating on what’s wrong with them?
— Don Clifton

What Participants Are Saying

“I loved the simplicity of the program, the ease to fully understand each strength, and the application of how each strength should be managed. It was truly the best program that I have ever gone through.”
— Workshop Participant, Johnson & Johnson

“We hired Strengths Now to spend a day with our team to help us learn how to work together. We weren’t exactly sure what to expect or what the outcome will be. Some team members thought it was going to be “gimmicky” and weren’t really sure of the value. Well - we could not be more pleased. A month later, we are STILL referencing what we learned. We understand each other and support each other by referencing our strengths. Our team continues to say that our day with Amy was the best spent time we’ve ever had in a training session. We cannot recommend Strengths Now strongly enough!”
— Director, Nonprofit

“Today was great! The exercises allowed us to reflect on our strengths and adjust our weaknesses so that we can keep them in mind and apply the strengths in our daily lives.”
— Finance Department

“Gaining awareness of my top 5 strengths and how I can make the most of them in my life and work. It can help to improve my basement; I loved this workshop!”
— Orchard Therapeutics

What did you like best about the workshop?

Fantastic instruction style!

Good mix of presentation and breakout groups. I thought it was brilliant!

Clear presentation, very good supporting materials. Great presenter!

What I thought were my weaknesses are actually my STRENGTHS!!

Great balance between teaching, exercises, discussions.

Very dynamic and interactive workshop! Fantastic host—thanks Sara!

Women's Business Enterprise Certified.