Coaching Services

Executive Coaching.

Executive Coaching

Are you looking to increase your leadership presence, impact or visibility at work? Perhaps you are feeling stuck or uncertain about the next steps. Or maybe you have received feedback that revealed some gaps in your effectiveness as a leader. Our coaching is grounded in what the best managers and leaders do differently and provides practical strategies you can incorporate in real time.

Strengths Finder coaching offers a place to confidentially discuss and work through professional challenges while gaining clarity and confidence. Targeted goals for coaching are aligned with input from a sponsor or supervisor. Coaching can be combined with an interview based, 360 degree assessment.

This program is perfect for those who are:

  • Stepping into a high visibility role with high stakes deliverables
  • Looking to develop their executive presence and their authentic leadership style
  • Ready to address gaps in effectiveness and target new goals for growth
  • Wanting an honest appraisal of strengths and weaknesses
  • Feeling overwhelmed by work demands and wanting to work smarter, not harder
  • Looking for an accountability and thought partner to make changes stick


Coaching packages range from 8 to 24 sessions depending on your goals. Additionally, we meet with a sponsor, often a supervisor, at the beginning, middle and end of the coaching engagement so we have a shared vision of success and can track progress over time.

Because coaching incorporates your unique strengths, we never lose sight of what is right with you!

Apply Your Strengths Strategy Session

What It Is

A one-to-one strengths strategy session is often offered to participants after a workshop. This personalized session is a great way to invest in your team and make sure that every person knows how to apply their strengths at work.

Are you clear on your personal brand and the best way to lean into your unique talents at work? We can help your Strengths Finder report “come alive” in the context of what you do every day and where you want to drive your career. Individual coaching with a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach is a wonderful development opportunity and chance to take a deep dive into your signature talent themes, your personal levers for standout performance and personal well-being.

Why Book a Strengths Strategy Session?

  • Invest in a rich professional development opportunity for the individuals on their team
  • Zero in on their personal brand
  • Prepare for a role change, promotion or annual review
  • Gain a confidence boost
  • Identify blind spots or watch-outs based on strengths profile
  • Get targeted support for a workplace challenge or important deliverable
  • Learn ways to work more effectively with a colleague who has different strengths


One, two or three individual, confidential coaching sessions (55 minutes) are offered virtually, often in conjunction with a team workshop.

Expolore Your Strengths Coaching.

Our strengths inform our leadership style, potential blind spots and the perception of others.

Critical Partners Coaching.

Critical Partners Coaching

What It Is

Critical partners are two people in the same organization whose success depends upon each other. Have you hired a second-in-command and want to fast track communication and avoid missteps that will slow you down? Or is there a retention risk because two people are having difficulty seeing eye to eye? This joint coaching package will help each person step back and understand their differences in a whole new way. Expert coaching guides the conversations so the pair can start off on the right foot, or push the reset button on a relationship that has gotten off track.

Did You Know…Strengths Now is one of the few firms to offer Critical Partners Coaching based on the Clifton Strengths assessment? We use this common language to map out work style differences and develop strategies to improve communication.

Critical Partners Coaching is a Perfect Solution When...

  • a new partnership at work needs to start off on the right foot
  • two people need to work more effectively to reach a critical goal
  • repeated conflicts and misunderstandings are wasting time and draining energy
  • you find you are rehashing the same ground without moving forward


A mix of 12 individual and joint coaching sessions over the course of four to six months.

What our Coaching Clients are Saying

Explore Your Strengths Workshop

“Coaching has been transformational for me as a leader. I walk away from every single coaching session feeling more confident and empowered as a leader. My coach provided me with tools to use my strengths intentionally. During my transition into an executive role, the coaching I received helped me modify the way I approached situations based on the change in my role and responsibilities. Getting executive coaching was one of the best decisions I have made for my professional development!”
— Vice President Commercial Finance, Thermo Fisher Scientific

“Strengths Now worked with my entire team and on a one-on-one basis utilizing StrengthsFinder to help shape the discussion and get to the root of challenges, issues, and synergies. Taking the time to assess skills, personality and talents really helped to identify and harness the team’s potential, driving deeper engagement within the team. The staff continues to use the tools developed during the workshop to inform their work every day!”
— Associate VP, Higher Education

“I have so valued my coaching with Sara and her contributions to [our organization] have been invaluable. For me personally, receiving this feedback has been a very good learning experience.  It certainly has not been easy or always comfortable, but it has been very important and insightful on my own leadership learning journey in figuring out how to use my time and voice in highest service of the organization and our broader cause. The strengths mapping is one of the most useful tools I have ever used as a leader.” 
– CEO, Global Health Non-Profit and one of Fortune’s Top 50 World’s Greatest Leaders