What would happen if we focused on what is right with you?

photo of Sara Regan and Amy Till

Gallup’s research indicates that your greatest room for overall personal improvement isn’t where you’re weakest, but rather where you’re strongest. This revolutionary concept by Donald Clifton describes what Strengths Now is all about. We are fully dedicated to helping people lead their best lives, helping teams harness their full potential, and transforming the culture of organizations – because let’s face it – strong teams win.

The world needs more people who are hopeful, inspired, engaged, and contributing their greatest talents to our greatest challenges. We make bold moves to help you lead your team to greatness.

The coaches at Strengths Now work with leaders to leverage their  natural strengths, build trust, and maximize infinite potential. The most effective leaders are investing in their strengths and truly understand the benefits, both measurable and immeasurable, that a strengths-based culture can bring to their business. 

Accelerate Your Leadership Effectiveness

This development series is for people managers and designed to strengthen your leadership skills and accelerate team effectiveness. Attendees are equipped to build and sustain a truly strengths-based culture. This rich learning opportunity incorporates reflection, feedback, and skill building. It is grounded in leadership research and key principles from Gallup’s High-Performance Leaders Institute.

PROVEN RESULTS: Teams who use strengths-based feedback yields:

  • 5% greater productivity
  • 9% greater profitability 

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“My experience in working with Sara at Strengths Now has been exceptional compared to every other consultant I’ve worked with during my twenty-year tenure at Johnson & Johnson. Often times when working with consultants any customization request meets with resistance and exorbitant costs.  Sara has customized four programs for four very different teams across North America and all within budget. Strengths Now has provided group and one-on-one coaching for individual contributors as well as senior leadership. Despite the diverse groups, the feedback from the participants has been consistently positive with requests for more. Leaders are empowered to coach and guide their teams while everyone’s engagement increases. It’s not often that after a training initiative that people look for ways to pull through new behaviors or skills on their own, but after wrapping up work with Strengths Now the Participants have proactively sought out ways to further imbed StrengthsFinder into the culture. The enthusiasm is contagious.” Jill Fox, Sr. Manager, Learning & Development for the Americas, Johnson & Johnson

“I cannot recommend Sara and Amy highly enough after the comprehensive work they did with my team this spring using the Gallup Strength Finders Assessment. Each member of my 36 member team gained clarity around their personal strengths and as important, those of their teammates. The exercises allowed all of us to better understand ourselves as individuals and in the context of our team which led to greater awareness and productivity…and provided for a lot of fun along the way. I saw many of the strengths referenced in annual reviews I read just weeks after our work together which demonstrated to me what a powerful framework the assessment provided and how quickly the team internalized what they learned. The knowledge we now share will continue to fuel our high-functioning team.” Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Healthcare Organization

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