Why Clients Hire Us

  • Focus on Inclusion & Belonging
  • We Are Equipped to Handle the Hard Stuff
  • Consistent Rave Reviews
  • Flexible Options that Fit Your Culture
  • Blended Learning Options
  • Same Learning, Less Time

Clifton Strengths is a Proven Method

CliftonStrengths is rooted in rigorous science and extensive research. At Strengths Now, we rely on this science to help our clients achieve greater productivity, retention, profitability, employee engagement and well-being.

Trusted Experience

Strengths Now have introduced thousands of people to their strengths and led countless workshops all over the globe. We know what works and how to engage different audiences, including the c-suite. In 2013, Our CEO was the 12th person in the world certified by Gallup, so we’ve been perfecting our craft longer than most. We know what works!

Focus on Inclusion & Belonging

About 30% of our attendees indicate (by poll) they are concerned what their colleagues or boss will think about their strengths profile. We are one of the few firms to address cognitive diversity, inclusion and strengths bias in our workshops to assure everyone knows they belong.

We Are Equipped to Help With the Hard Stuff

We know there are rough patches for teams and leaders. We are skilled facilitators who are experienced with complex dynamics. We offer focus groups, critical partners coaching, 360 reviews and advanced team coaching for targeted solutions to tough problems.

Consistent Rave Reviews

Workshop participants consistently rate their experience as a 9 out of 10, and 93% of our work comes from word of mouth referrals and repeat customers. We love our clients and they love us back! Read reviews from our clients here.

Our Flexibility Lowers the Cost

With little overhead, we deliver training that is every bit as polished and impactful as the large consulting firms, but do so with more flexibility and at a lower cost.

Flexible Options that Fit Your Culture

Only have time or funding for a half-day workshop? Got a team that is spread over four continents? No problem! We don’t require long term engagements and all of our content can be delivered virtually or in-person. We make it work!

Blended Learning Options

Our Strengths Boost Reinforcement Series offers bite sized learning for busy people! Our customized content provides weekly tips (for 34 weeks!) on how to partner more effectively in real time.

Same Learning, Less Time

We know the critical elements that lead to learning and what should be served as follow up content. We focus on applied learning and remove the fluff.

Customer Service Before, During and After Your Workshop

Our Client Manager is on top of everything! We distribute codes, monitor completion, provide updates, create custom materials and even say yes to last minute requests.

What Clients Are Saying

“My experience in working with Sara at Strengths Now has been exceptional compared to every other consultant I’ve worked with during my twenty-year tenure at Johnson & Johnson.”
— Jill Fox, Sr. Manager, L&D for the Americas, J&J

“I highly recommend the Strengths Now team if you are looking to increase collaboration across your organization, break down silos, or build a stronger leadership team. The workshop exceeded our expectations and many leaders are requesting workshops for their own areas. Sara built trust quickly with many different personalities in the workshop and in follow-up coaching sessions.”
— Sandra Hughes, AVP Global Talent Management, NASDAQ

“I hired the Strengths Now team to launch a StrengthsFinder initiative for our campus. This was a large-scale project that spanned students, staff and faculty. Not only does Strengths Now have an expert understanding of the model, they consistently delivered trainings that got our community engaged and created buy-in. They were true partners who quickly ascertained our culture, our needs and what success looked like. Because of Strengths Now, we now have a sustainable strengths movement on our campus.”
— Dr. Andrew Shepardson, Vice President of Student Affairs, Bentley University