Strengths Finder Workshops

We train individuals, teams and leaders to discover and aim their diverse strengths towards their greatest challenges. This powerful framework helps organizations build a thriving culture where everyone feels valued.

Strengths finder workshop.

Phase 1: Explore Your Strengths Workshop

Who are YOU at your best?

This affirming and interactive workshop is a perfect introduction to strengths and gives participants the tools they need to understand and apply their natural talents.

Strengths based teams workshop.

Phase 2: Effective Teams & Partners Workshop

Who are WE at our best?

Through the lens of strengths, people claim the best of what they have to offer, put egos and personal agendas aside and get the best job done.

Strengths based leadership workshop.

Phase 3: Strengths-Based Leadership Development

What the best LEADERS do differently?

Ensure that your people managers are equipped to incorporate this model into their management practices and fast track their own leadership development.

A strengths-based organization.

Phase 4: Strengths-Based Organizations Initiative

How do you build a thriving CULTURE?

We partner with your organization for a minimum of one year implementing a custom road map to build a thriving culture of employee engagement and belonging.

Our team is ready to help you plan an amazing experience for your team, whether that is a half-day retreat or a multi-year initiative.

A Leader’s Perspective:
The Value of Learning Your Team’s Strengths

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Mark Aitkenhead, Senior Director of Cellular Analysis Instrumentation at Thermo Fisher Scientific explains the why he used the StrengthsFinder model with his 38-person team when he stepped into his new role.

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What We Are All About

Our firm was built on a passion for the true appreciation of differences in the workplace and breaking down barriers that cause friction and disengagement. Let’s face it - the world needs more people who are hopeful, inspired, engaged and contributing their greatest talents to our greatest challenges. CliftonStrengths accelerates the journey by focusing on your employees’ natural talents and potential.

We love what we do and are ready to help your team and managers do their best work!

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