Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Program for Women

Diverse women at work.
Women at work.

Embrace What’s Next

A Cohort Program to Support Women at Work

Retain. Perform. Empower. Succeed.

Women need support at critical career junctures so they know they are valued and can truly thrive. Research shows that women continue to face a broken rung at the first step up to manager: for every 100 men promoted to manager, only 86 women are promoted according to Women in the Workplace 2021 Report by McKinsey & Company. And for women of color, the climb is even tougher.

This transformational program provides a dynamic and intentional curriculum for women to discover their strengths to gain clarity and confidence, and create an actionable plan to move forward.

Our cohort-based series can be offered to existing affinity groups (women of color, LGBTQ+ women, women in technology, early career women) or women across the organization who are newly promoted or identified as high potential.

For Organizations That Want to

  • Retain, empower and develop women at work and grow the corporate pipeline of talent
  • Support women through critical career junctures
  • Help key talent with career mapping
  • Engage their diverse women in a strong community of support
  • Affirm their commitment to diversity and inclusion
  • Identify & mitigate blind spots
  • Be more intentional about advancing women to executive positions

Retain. Perform. Empower. Succeed.

Organization retaining employees.

The Embrace What’s Next Program Helps Women to:

  • Boost their confidence
  • Create an action plan
  • Zero in on their strengths
  • Voice their unique contribution
  • Tame the imposter syndrome
  • Identify & mitigate blind spots
  • Prepare for advancement
  • Build lasting relationships with other talented women

“Get more of what you want, by being more of who you are.”

—Sara Regan, CEO, Strengths Now

Included in the Program

Fostering genuine trust and respect, this program provides an interactive, intentional, and dynamic setting for women to discover their strengths, transition to new beginnings and get more of what they want. Each woman receives:

  • Clifton Strengths Full 34 access code
  • Support women through critical career junctures
  • Pre/Post assessment
  • Numerous personalized strengths reports
  • Seven, 90-minute sessions of facilitated content by Gallup Strengths Coaches
  • Handouts, homework, materials, videos and resources following each session
  • Strengths Boost™ Reinforcement Series sent electronically for 34 weeks
  • A guided meditation video link that corresponds with each module
  • Individual coaching as an optional add on (Recommend three sessions per person)
Embrace whats next program participant.

Embrace Whats Next Program Outline

First, please know…You belong!

We respect your journey and are honored to help you navigate your next steps. We value the diversity of our women and know that we all have something to learn from each other.

Program Kickoff

We kick off the program with an introduction to your personal strengths using the Clifton Strengths assessment. When you take the assessment, you uncover your unique combination of 34 CliftonStrengths themes. Together, the themes explain a simple but profound concept about human behavior: what’s right with people.

What to Expect Each Session

This program involves self-reflection and connection with others. Each session introduces a new concept, group discussion, polling (so all voices are heard), stories of other powerful women, and an overview of the upcoming homework. We also leverage breakout rooms to inspire conversations with your cohort and commit to weekly actions to move forward in embracing what’s next. And new for 2022! We send a 10 minute video that includes a guided meditation corresponding to the module’s theme so you can practice self-care.

Content Modules

Session 1 - Discovering Your Strengths

Session 2 - Defining Your Personal Brand

Session 3 - Transitioning to New Beginnings

Session 4 - Honoring Your Needs

Session 5 - Aiming Your Strengths

Session 6 - Decision Making Styles

Session 7 - Moving Forward with Action

What Attendees are Saying

“Embrace What’s Next was an amazing gift — far exceeding my expectations!”

“Through the supportive community of women in different places in their life, I gained confidence in how to best apply my strengths.”

“I have a plan!”

“Witnessing others’ changes has been inspiring!”

“I have a plan and more awareness of how to go forward and make decisions.”

“I don’t naturally focus on the good. It was empowering to see the words in one paragraph describe me so well.”

“This program left me feeling energized, more confident, and focused.”

“Being with others going through a similar transition has been great for me.”

“I feel proud, focused, & more confident.”


“I recently attended the Embrace What’s Next program and was so impressed by the experience. Our leaders were amazing! They were organized, flexible, encouraging, and knowledgeable as they led our group through this self-reflective journey. The exercises were highly insightful as to what I need and what I bring, to both my professional and personal lives. I appreciated interacting with other women and learning about how our strengths and areas in need of development shape us. I feel more confident knowing what my next steps look like and how to get there. Highly recommend to other women contemplating a work or life change!”

“Although I was familiar with Clifton Strengths assessment, having taken it (and many other aptitude and personality tests) in the past, the Embrace What’s Next Program made everything click for me. The assignments prior to each of the sessions allowed me to really delve into my strengths and my needs. The greatest benefit I received from the program was developing the language to describe my talents through breakout sessions with some amazing women.”

“I was aware of my strengths but having them spelled out so clearly made it easier to understand why I’ve been doing what I’m doing and what I need to do differently to move forward.”

“The Embrace What’s Next - cohort could not have come at a better time for me. During the Covid 19 pandemic lockdown, I was in a job that was not the perfect fit, balancing the demands of working at home, remote learning with my children, and trying to balance it all. The cohort gave me the tools to focus on my strengths, an action plan that made sense, and the opportunity to connect with remarkable women on similar paths. I’ve now landed my perfect position. I want to share my immense gratitude for the Strengths Now team!”

“The tools in this program helped me see why I am currently dissatisfied. It validated the reality that I deserve what I need in my life in order to make myself happy.”

Learn more about bringing this program to your organization to support your talented women and commitment to DEI.

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