Invest in Leadership Development for Long-Term Success

The new year isn’t just a time for individuals to hit the reset button; it’s often a time for organizations and executive leaders to reboot as well. Today, leaders are under enormous pressure, balancing getting results for the company with a concern for people’s individual needs. Has your organization invested in your leadership team with development programs so you can move forward successfully in the future?

Organizational success always links back to strong leadership. Companies that invest in leadership training appear on the most-admired and best-of lists. These businesses also enjoy higher revenue and profits, higher market share, and increased employee engagement and retention.

Single LightAn essential part of organizational success is ensuring your leaders have the skills they need to support and develop their teams. Leaders must be able to build trust, demonstrate expert communication, and accept feedback. Leaders who are aware of their blind spots know when to step up and when to step back. This year has undoubtedly showcased the need for leaders to adapt to change. One of our recent client surveys showed that 50% of employees reported their stress level to be an 8, 9, or 10 on a scale of 1-10, which represents an added challenge for today’s leaders who must try to bring out the best in employees who may not feel at their best.

Does your organization need to hit the reset button? Our programs allow leaders time to “reboot” and focus on action steps to improve performance, engagement, and team health, so your team is equipped to have a more significant impact in 2021.

Our Approach to Boost Individual and Team Performance

Leadership is not always easy, whether you are a first-time manager or a long time CEO. Our executive team reboot supports leaders at all levels. It begins with CliftonStrengths, a best-in-class assessment that provides detailed insights into each person’s dominant strengths and their unique combination of 34 talent themes. Personalized reports offer actionable insights so that every employee and manager understand themselves within their team context.

Knowing each team is different, our coaches perform a team audit through one-on-one meetings with each team member to learn what is working and what is not working on the team in real-time. Our Gallup Certified Strengths Coaches use the audit results and CliftonStrengths team map to facilitate a series of group coaching sessions to share the team’s norms, reveal untapped strengths, and create an action plan for improved performance. These sessions build trust through open, honest conversation about what people need from one another to do their best work, helping to reset team dynamics.

To sustain progress, coaching offers leaders a way to confidently discuss professional challenges and clarify their innate strengths — the proven levers for productivity, profitability, and personal well-being.

Simply put, bringing out the best in leaders brings out the best in an organization’s employees. Through our coaching and training, participants learn practical steps to maximize individual and team performance to build a healthier, thriving workplace. Our strengths-based coaching will help your leaders become more influential, now and into the future. Inspire greatness on your team and invest in leadership development for long-term success. Learn more:

What Leaders are Saying:

“We recently hired Sara from Strengths Now to provide a half-day workshop for our executive team. Sara is an outstanding presenter, and her style was a perfect match for our group of 40 leaders. The workshop exceeded our expectations, and many leaders are requesting workshops for their areas. Sara built trust quickly with many different personalities in the workshop and follow-up coaching sessions. I highly recommend the Strengths Now team if you are looking to increase collaboration across your organization, break down silos, or build a stronger leadership team.” – Sandra Hughes, AVP Global Talent Management, Nasdaq

“I hired Strengths Now to assist my nine-member cabinet in enhancing our communication and in strengthening our interconnectedness. The individual sessions and the group meetings provided us with powerful insight into our unique styles and approaches. And the expert coaching helped us to make long-lasting improvements to our team’s communication, collaboration, and cooperation.” – College President

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