Leadership Development

Leadership is not always easy, whether you are a first-time manager or a long time CEO. We know that strengths impact our expectations, values and filters on the world, including the way we lead others. Strengths NOW helps to develop leaders based on years of Gallup research about what the world’s greatest leaders do differently. Participants learn practical steps to maximize individual and team performance and employee engagement.

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Leadership Offerings Include:

  • Executive Coaching – Strengths Now, Inc. combines your Full 34 StrengthsFinder Sequence report with a 360 assessment and is designed for leaders looking to polish their leadership skills and effectiveness. One-on-one coaching offers a place to confidentially discuss and work through your toughest leadership challenges and gain clarity on your innate strengths – the “sweet spot” for personal effectiveness.
  • Leadership Series – This in-house, cohort-based leadership series ensures that your organization can build and sustain a truly strengths-based culture. This rich learning opportunity incorporates reflection, feedback and skill building and is grounded in leadership research and key principles from Gallup’s High Performance Leaders Institute. This content can be offered in a 2-day format or in a multi-session series offered over time to fit your organization’s culture.
  • Coaching for New Leaders – This six to twelve session coaching package is a perfect starting place to tap into your unique leadership style and is designed to help you transition to your role more smoothly. With the backdrop of your full 34 Clifton Strengths Finder report, we will explore your communication style, learn the best ways to set expectations and engage employees and look to uncover any blind spots that may trip you up in your leadership journey.

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