Let’s Celebrate You!

Reflections from Sara

Thank youTake your right hand. Cross it over your body. Now pat yourself on the back! We think everyone deserves a little moment to celebrate where you are—and where you’ve been. As we connect with clients, we are hearing countless stories of how you and your colleagues delivered during this global pandemic. We offer a shout-out to biotech companies that kept manufacturing intact so patients would continue to receive vital medication. And to our higher education colleagues who prepared 100s of faculty members to switch to a virtual classroom in a matter of weeks. And those managers who worked to onboard new team members remotely or get more done with fewer people. Not to mention those of you who are essential workers or work in healthcare. An extra pat on the back for you!

Through countless zoom meetings, we have shown each other our modified workspaces, our pets, our kids, and our messes. Many employees have had sensitive conversations with their managers –when their kids were struggling with isolation and anxiety when a loved one was ill when they need help. This has been a tough year for so many, but you are doing it!

Last year at this time, the Strengths Now team was creating and sending videos (link here) about how your strengths add value in times of change and crisis. It was a small way to stay connected and offer support. A full year later, we see signs that teams and leaders are standing on more solid ground and able to exhale. According to our book of business at Strengths Now, 85% of our work has come from former clients.

Thank you for your loyalty. There is no greater compliment.

What’s New with CliftonStrengths?

When did you last open your Gallup account and view your report? If you have not looked at your Full 34 report for a few years, take a peek because you will find a no-cost significant upgrade! What was a two-page listing of your 34 strengths in rank order is now an updated, robust, 25-page report! It also includes a personalized algorithm that identifies your most dominant domain and a visual representation of all your 34 themes across the domains.

  • In 2020 Gallup revamped the domain colors in order to be ADA compliant and create a color scheme that is friendly for all users.
  • Managers don’t need a one-size-fits-all approach. They need a personal shortcut. Learn recent research about how significant managers are in driving employee engagement. Great managers aren’t great managers because they all manage the same way. They are great because they manage their way! Click here for last month’s article called How Influential is your Manager.
  • Have you run out of things to watch on Netflix? How about binge-watching some videos about your strengths? Six seasons of strengths podcasts, which vary in length and perspective, are available. Check out this YouTube playlist where you can search for any of the 34 strengths.

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As we head into a new season, please know we are grateful for you, our steadfast partners, and look forward to our continued work together.



Sara Regan

Strengths Now, Inc.