Team Workshops

Organizations thrive when various groups of people work together efficiently and effectively to get things done. Our group and team workshops give participants the tools and experience they need to better understand themselves and their innate talents, while developing a sincere appreciation for the unique strengths of co-workers. By focusing on strengths, individual members experience an improved sense of well being and take greater personal satisfaction in team accomplishments.
Workshop Offerings:
Discover Your Strengths Now for Groups - Half-day Session
This affirming workshop is the perfect introduction to the StrengthsFinder model and ensures participants leave with the best tools to take action and harness the innate potential of their strengths. Through an engaging and interactive presentation individuals get to know their top-five talent themes and learn to apply them in real-life situations for maximum impact. The workshop can be designed for groups of various sizes.
Team Coaching Workshops - Half-day Session
Strengths Now, Inc. works with leaders and their teams to help them better understand and appreciate one another through the lens of the 34 talent themes. As a result, teams are better equipped to form strategic partnerships, build trust, improve communication, engage in healthy conflict and maximize inherent talent on the team. This workshop is especially impactful for teams of people who work together regularly, and provides an excellent launch for a new team or a team-building boost for an existing team. Participants learn that the most effective teams know that no one is great at everything, but everyone is great at something. Through the experience of this powerful half-day session, people learn to claim the best of what they have to offer, put egos and personal agendas aside, and get the best job done.
Team Coaching Workshops - Full-day Session
A full-day session includes all topics covered in the half-day session, but includes more team-building activities and allows a deeper-dive into the topics of strategic partnerships and communication. We add a very popular segment called “Best of Us” where each team member explores and identifies key information about what they bring to and need from the team. Individuals are affirmed and supported as they share their findings with their team. Just like the half-day session, this workshop is especially impactful for teams of people who work together regularly, and can be scaled to work for small teams or entire departments.
What people are saying about Strengths Now Team Workshops
“Today was great! The workshop was very well facilitated! I enjoyed all aspects, but the one-on-one pairing and especially the group StrengthsFinders assessment where we explored the whole division were key aspects. Sara gave lots of specific examples to help us understand each other’s theme/strength.”

“My team workshop with Amy was unbelievable engaging. Thank you so much, Amy!”

“Sara led a full day StrengthsFinder workshop with my senior leadership team that was great! It was engaging, revealing and gave us a common language to look at work styles and how each person contributes to the whole.”

“We want to thank you for a wonderful day. We have heard a number of complements on how well the day went and how useful the team found what they learned.”

“Amy was with us for a full-day, and the workshop was lively, positive, and so informative! It was also helpful, fun, and led me down a new path of self-growth.”

“Sara’s facilitation was excellent. The best part was realizing that I don’t have to try to gain strengths that I do not possess. I have “permission” to rely on others.”

“I so appreciate the helpful comments and insight Amy shared during our StrengthsFinder team workshop. I found this very, very interesting and thought-provoking.”

“Knowing our teams’ profile has been extremely helpful as we head into a new strategic plan. I highly recommend Sara and the StrengthsFinder workshop.”

“Amy is a great facilitator. She really worked with us where we were to help us gain greater understanding.”

“Material was clearly explained, with relevant, illustrative examples.  StrengthsFinder represents a very new and interesting philosophy shift for me.  Thank you.”

“The flow and approach worked extremely well for both the audience and the goals for the day. Thank you so much!  Look forward to more opportunities.”

“Very engaging.  Provided real life examples by bringing in different industries and professionals.  Perfect pace and lots of opportunity to share our thoughts and opinions.”

“This was a great opportunity to hear, straight from my colleagues, how they perceive their strengths. It was great to share our perceptions of those strengths and how they affect/impact the greater team.”

“I know myself better than ever before.”

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