Goal Setting with Strengths

I hope that 2022 is off to a great start! As we plan for another trip around the sun, perhaps you made a New Year’s resolution or set some new goals for the year. Our motivation can often wane when we hit February, so here are a few ideas to stay on target!

Here are three tips for goal setting this year:

Goal Setting with Clifteon Strengths1. Set Goals with Strengths in Mind. Strengths represent our natural way of thinking, feeling, and behaving, so it makes sense that we should tap our most extraordinary talents when tackling our most demanding challenges. Check out our recent webinar for ideas on aiming your strengths to meet performance goals and downloading our free new CliftonStrengths Goals Setting Resource for fresh ideas about how to harness your own Top 5 when striving for a goal.

2. Focus on Wellbeing. We need to think beyond diet and exercise and realize that there are five aspects of wellbeing: career, social, financial, physical, and community. Front and center with many people is mental health—which can impact each of the five dimensions of wellbeing. I was pleased to interview Abbie Rosenberg, CEO, and Founder of the Mental Health Collaborative, (recently featured on CBS news). Abbie shares her tips for building mental health literacy in the workplace and schools.

3. Consider Setting Monthly Intentions. One idea that caught my eye was the concept of setting a monthly intention instead of a goal. Perhaps February is the month you will learn to make mittens (I am working on this one!), in March you will meet up with friends from an old job, and April is the month to plant something new in your garden.

We all need things to look forward to! What speaks to you in 2022?

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