High school and college students today feel the pressure of finding ‘their passion’ and exactly the right path after school. At Strengths Now, we help students see the connection between their most powerful talents and their calling. Each person’s high school and college story is different – as unique as one’s thumbprint. What if you could write that story by developing what you have versus trying to make up for what you don’t?

Using the science of CliftonStrengths as a foundation to build confidence and clarity, coaching serves as an effective solution to enhance the social-emotional development of students. One-on-one conversations fosters the capacity to know themselves, build and maintain supportive relationships and participate in school and community activities as responsible citizens.

Clients receive a customized road map and tools to capitalize on future excellence in academics, career and in life. Sessions with parents can be included in any of our offerings to consider how to nurture your student’s emerging talents.

photo of six students in black graduation robes holding diplomas

High School and College Student Offerings Include:

  • College Planning: This package is designed for high school students who are looking to uncover their dominant talents as part of the college planning process. Gain clarity through a typically overwhelming process with practical tools and a step-by-step action plan.
  • Student Athletes: High school and collegiate athletes gain mental toughness through our packages designed to uncover the levers that drive individual motivation and team performance.
  • Discovering Entrepreneurial Talent: Using the Entrepreneurial Potential 10 Assessment and the Full 34 CliftonStrengths Assessment, high school and college aged students gain practical insight on how to execute on ideas, identify complementary partnerships and flag barriers to success.
  • Career Entry and Transition: Students preparing for full-time employment or an internship learn how to best showcase their innate talents in their resume, cover letter and interview. Job fit, organizational culture, values and how to best approach transition are included in this coaching package along with a final report and action steps.

Ready discover and leverage the areas where you have infinite potential to grow and succeed?